And we’re off!

August 31, 2008

Even during this very busy summer, I was able to fulfill my goal of finally getting my website up and running. This is very exciting for me. This summer has been very fulfilling.

So where have I been? This summer I was at Archer Communications. It’s a small fully-integrated marketing, design, and web management company in Rochester, NY. I could have easily went to a big city internship and I seriously considered it at first. But then I remembered, one thing I enjoy the most and one place I feel I can get the most out of, is at a small company.

Boy am I glad I made this choice! Archer Communications welcomed me into there family, and I felt like I fit in right away. There was no time to waste however, I was put right to work and immediately was treated as a designer there rather than an intern. I’ll admit, I was afraid at first. Adjusting to the short SHORT deadlines took some time to get used to, but soon enough I was able to whip things out of the air.

I’ve become so close to everyone there. I was extatic when they asked me to become one of there freelance designers, now that I will begin school again. I just did some freelance work for some of there clients just last week while another employee was on vacation. It really means alot to me when new people can appreciate my talents. Defintately raised my confidence level as I enter my senior year of school at RIT. I feel I will be prepared by the time the year ends.


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