Storm King Art Center

September 13, 2008

This summer my friend Shawna and I made a visit to my parents house in the Hudson Valley area of NY. It’s about an hour north of New York City. We only spent 3 days there and immediately after the first day we were off to visit the Storm King Art Center. Storm King is only about 15 minutes from my parents house yet I have never been there before.

It is one of the most amazing places I have ever been too!

Storm King is a 500 acre sculpture park right next to the NYS Thruway and the Hudson River. The best part is that every sculpture is built for its specific surroundings. One of my favorites is the wall by Andy Goldsworthy. In a period of two years he built a rock wall using just found stacked rocks at Storm King. The wall is amazing. It begins in a wooded area in which it is hard to distinguish whether these rocks were naturally there or placed by Goldsworthy. It slowly grows out of the ground and gracefully through the trees. It unravels as it makes its way down hill and then dives right into the pond. But it doesn’t end there! The wall reemerges from the other side of the pond and then makes a straight cut right through the open field for about another half mile. I took many photos of this wall and other sculptures at storm king and placed them up on flickr.

I also visited the MoMA on the same weekend so you will also see photos of MoMA intermingled with my Storm King photos. Although MoMA was another awesome museum I enjoyed Storm King so much more.

The reason I bring up Storm King now is that I am currently working on a project for my Advanced Interactive Design Class in which we are to design an interactive map. I chose to focus on Storm King. This will give me a chance to tell other about this amazing yet quiet and secretive place. I of course will let you all know when this project is complete.

If you ever are in New York City again, take a short drive out to Storm King. Its definitely worth it!


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