You Thought We Wouldn’t Notice

September 23, 2008

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to this website You Though We Wouldn’t

Basically, it’s an open on-line blog in which fellow designers, or design watchers, post when they find others stealing other peoples artwork/designs.

If you don’t know, stealing designs is a huge problem within the design industry and it amazes me not by how many people do it, but the types of people who do it. From what I see on here, companies seem to steal the most ideas AND MAKE A HUGE PROFIT OFF OF IT! (Sorry I get really worked up about this).

I’ve seen this plagiarism from other students in class throughout college. I’ve heard stories from professors who’ve been through similar situations. Yet most people still get away with it even if the work is patented and copyrighted.This is something I definitely want to look more into before I head out into the real world 6 months from now. I’ll update when I can find out more info.

Check out the site!


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