Sharing the Joy, of Empanadas!

September 28, 2008

Every time I go to the Rochester Public Market I make sure to stop by Juan and Maria’s Empanada Stop. I absolutely love this place and Juan and Maria are just absolutely wonderful people. I’m also addicted to there food! It’s nice to chat with Juan, he’s a great man who truly cares more about his friends, family, and his food over the money. While they do have great food, I mostly enjoy just sitting and chatting with everyone there. I love it there so much that even last year I based one of my projects on the empanada stop. When I was putting together this project Juan was so excited that I devoted my time to learning about and hearing his story of the empanada stop.

This article featured in the Democrat and Chronicle describes how Juan recently sent a shipment of Empanadas to the troops in Iraq. If you think about it, sending prepared Empanadas oversees is quite the task but Juan has once again pulled it off. He has done this before last year.

If your ever at the Rochester Public Market or in East Rochester, please stop by Juan and Maria’s Empanada Stop. You won’t regret it!


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