“That’s so gay!”

October 18, 2008

The Ad Council and GLSEN have recently released a new Ad Campaign aimed at teens for the use of the phrase “That’s So Gay!”. Watch the video below to see.

There’s also an Ad Campaign website (thinkb4youspeak.com) that features other videos part of the campaign. I’ve been having mixed reaction to this campaign. In one sense, I think they are great! I remember going through High School and not only hearing this but much worse phrases. Still in college I catch a few people using it. I don’t yell or blame them for using it. I understand they just don’t know what they are saying. In a way I’m glad this campaign is raising light to the situation. However I really am unsure of the effect that it will have. Teenagers simply don’t have the maturity level and I can see this ad campaign become a big joke to them and therefore backfire and make the problem worse. Just reading comments on the youtube videos, I can see this happening already.

Any thoughts? Let me know. I really want to know what others think!


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