December 13, 2008


Yes, during my two week fall break my friend Shawna and I decided to go to Chicago. It was a very last minute road trip, we actually decided to go to Chicago the day before we left! But it was exciting nonetheless! Thanks to our ever failing economy, I was able to book a decent hotel at a very affordable rate, and since gas prices have dropped so low, that driving was not an issue either.

Chicago 2

So off we went on our 10 hour drive from Rochester to Chicago. It was a nice trip and it was my first time out in the midwest. It was also my first time in Chicago. I’ve seen Chicago architecture in books, that was what really drew me in. Shawna came along because she wanted to visit art galleries. We spent two days in the city. Each day we took the Metra from Schiller Park (where we stayed) into downtown. It was nice to feel as part of the people rather than tourists, but when we got into Chicago, we didn’t know where the hell we were going! So we just wondered the streets, I took many photos of the fabulous Architecture. Another interesting thing that I did not know about Chicago is that it is built on multiple street levels. As a New Yorker, I actually found this quite fascinating! (This was also the reason why Chicago was chosen as Gotham City in the latest Batman movie)

Chicago 3

While In Chicago we visited the Skydeck at the Sears Tower, The Art Institute, Field Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, and another number of other places. While walking you could see a number of new skyscrapers growing, the most current among them is the new Trump Tower. However what is I believe the most interesting thing about Chicago, besides the Architecture, is its history. Specifically I speak of the Great Chicago Fire. Grant Park was actually built on what was once Lake Michigan. When cleaning up the City they dumped all of the remnants in this area which then later was built into new land.

Chicago 4

I took many photos in Chicago. They can be viewed on my Flickr account. As for future visits, I think the next U.S. city I would like to visit is Seattle. I would also love to revisit San Francisco. Maybe I’ll just have to plan a west coast visit once I graduate!


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