… but seriously Kara DioGuardi, those are the worst American Idol winner song lyrics I’ve yet to hear. It was all cheesy and just, bad, I don’t know how else to say it. I haven’t been following American Idol too closely this season, but thanks to Twitter, I know pretty much everything that happens.

Twitter really is becoming quote a phenomenon and I’m willing to admit that I’m quite addicted to it as well. Most people kind of make fun of me for twittering so much, but I’m finding it to be a great tool, especially when following social trends. It really becomes most useful to marketers, advertisers, and designers. What I find most useful about it, is that it is a way to expose myself. It’s also a way for me to get instant feedback from pretty much anyone. It’s just simple and easy to use.

The most useful tool, trending topics and the search function. It seems now-a-days, trends are passing faster than ever. A few years ago it would be, “Wow! That was so last year” has turned into “Wow! That was so last second ago”. For example, last night I got home in time to watch the season premiere of “Glee”, and I really enjoyed the show! As I went to go check twitter, “Glee” was the top trending topic and as I clicked on it, I could tell you already that it was an instant hit. I know the folks at Fox are glad to get this instant feedback. They can almost substitute the Nielsen Ratings, with the Twitter trending topics. “Glee” went on to become the top trending topic for the next 24 hours as it seemed most people were finding out about the show from there friends and in turn watching it themselves on Hulu or iTunes. Now come the Fall, companies are going to know that they want to advertise during that time slot, knowing the show will get great ratings. Fox in turn, will be expecting advertisers to jump for those time slots. The show only premiered 24 hours ago, but I can sit here and tell you all of this simply through the world of Twitter.

People always tell me “I just don’t get Twitter!”. They kind of see it as boring, useless, mundane, information. However as an advertiser and designer I find this information to be vital and useful, therefore I contribute to this as well through my own twittering and I feel soon enough even more people will understand and join along. Just yesterday I commented on how I stumbled across the breakfast sandwich at Panera Bread. I said I enjoyed it and I know the folks at Panera are watching Twitter to see how people react to there product.

If you know me personally, you know I HAVE to say what I’m thinking. So Twitter may be just well suited for me. It’s simply an easy way to listen the people.


No Day but Today.

April 30, 2009


My inner RENThead (a person who is obsessed with the musical RENT) has been coming out lately. Just this past weekend I saw the Broadway Tour come through Rochester. I waited an hour for rush tickets, and sat in the most amazing seats (in the pit!). I will probably never have the chance to sit in those seats ever again. The show, was amazing, even better than when I saw it on Broadway.

Enough of that however, I chose the title “No day but Today” for more than one reason. Specifically pertaining to the fact that I will be graduating in 3 weeks from RIT with my BFA in Graphic Design. It’s exciting, yes, but also extremely stressful. I know I’m ready for the real world (paying back student loans), but at the same time I still am unsure of where I’ll be in 2 months. As of right now I’m looking in New York City. It’s a bit closer too my family, and I would be living closer or in the city. It’s also a better job market for entry-level Graphic Designers. I’m determined however, I’ve got the ball rolling and basically no one will be able to stop me now! But it’s still all very stressful in this tough economy, a tough job market.

Yet when I saw RENT this past weekend, it’s deep underlying messages remind me of what I need to do, live in the moment. Most people often always live in the future, because of this, they are never completely satisfied. I’ve always lived by the ‘Today” moment. (I.E. I won’t be planning my summer vacation right now!) I like to go with the flow, take on what comes at me at the time. Thankfully some of my friends are the same way and it’s amazing how differently you live your life.

Our society is focused on satisfaction for our future. Our culture is set-up to bring great things, later. Yet when later comes, there’s always something else that can be better. It’s a never-ending cycle. This is the main reason I chose Graphic Design as my career. I deeply am passionate about design, I know I can thoroughly enjoy it now. While you can make a decent living off design, It’s not the job that will make you rich quick (Of course, If your great at it, you’ll get better rewarded). But that’s not what I really always wanted.

I just want to enjoy life. I know, its really not much. I’m happy with a small apartment, faded non-designer clothes, and a car that decides when it wants to run. I can enjoy the people around me, and just live as moments come by. Am I the underdog for believing this? People ask me why become a designer? They know I have other great skills in other careers that could make me a ton of money. But then I wouldn’t be living in the moment. I would be miserable for 8-10 hours every weekday I have to go to work, that is the bulk of my life. The only satisfaction I would get is money that I could enjoy about 2 days of the week. I see so many people stuck in this cycle and I often think, I really don’t want to be miserable for the bulk of my life.

So, Design it is! I’m ready and excited, and honestly, a bit stressed at this point. It’s a mix of emotions. But I definitely am ready, excited, and energized to take on life, … right now … not later…  in this moment … ¡Vámonos!