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December 7, 2008

Little Thatre Popcorn

A few weeks ago in my packaging design class we were asked to redesign the infamous popcorn package. What I created was a package based off the Little Theatre Marquee. A top ten was selected from the class and we went on to present our ideas to the people and let them vote. And I won! Therefore I gained much media coverage from both the local Rochester Television stations and RIT University News.

RIT Campus Spotlight
RIT University News
13 WHAM News


A smile, a grin, a Pepsi?

October 28, 2008

Pepsi has decided to completely rebrand its entire line of products due to a slump in sales. Yet I wonder, Is this really the direction they should be going in? I’ve been quite disappointed about the brand change from most companies recently. (Most recently Xerox and Wegman’s) It’s not that I’m afraid change, I’m actually completely for change! However, these new logos seem to forget the value behind a brand identity. Wegmans had beautiful bold unique organic letter form. Now they opted for a less versatile scripted logo. It’s visually weaker than the old logo.

Pepsi, in my opinion, is now following along this recent trend. As seen here, Pepsi has developed a series of logos that each contain a different expression. the original Pepsi shows a wide smile in its white space. The Diet Pepsi shows a grin, so on and so forth for the rest of the products. Yet my question is, why a grinning diet coke? How does this relate to a smiling Pepsi? Personally the grinning coke actually keeps me away from it. There are so many questions I have for the folks at Pepsi. I think the once worldwide strong recognizable iconic logo, has been tarnished. (As a designer I must say the typography and letter spacing is not so great as well!)

Want to find out more about the rebranding project, then read this AdAge article.
Here’s another interesting article from The DieLine.

“That’s so gay!”

October 18, 2008

The Ad Council and GLSEN have recently released a new Ad Campaign aimed at teens for the use of the phrase “That’s So Gay!”. Watch the video below to see.

There’s also an Ad Campaign website ( that features other videos part of the campaign. I’ve been having mixed reaction to this campaign. In one sense, I think they are great! I remember going through High School and not only hearing this but much worse phrases. Still in college I catch a few people using it. I don’t yell or blame them for using it. I understand they just don’t know what they are saying. In a way I’m glad this campaign is raising light to the situation. However I really am unsure of the effect that it will have. Teenagers simply don’t have the maturity level and I can see this ad campaign become a big joke to them and therefore backfire and make the problem worse. Just reading comments on the youtube videos, I can see this happening already.

Any thoughts? Let me know. I really want to know what others think!

New York’s MTA, in an effort to close in on its very large deficit, has recently decided to allow advertisers to wrap the outside of the subway cars. History Channel was the first to make a move!

Sharing the Joy, of Empanadas!

September 28, 2008

Every time I go to the Rochester Public Market I make sure to stop by Juan and Maria’s Empanada Stop. I absolutely love this place and Juan and Maria are just absolutely wonderful people. I’m also addicted to there food! It’s nice to chat with Juan, he’s a great man who truly cares more about his friends, family, and his food over the money. While they do have great food, I mostly enjoy just sitting and chatting with everyone there. I love it there so much that even last year I based one of my projects on the empanada stop. When I was putting together this project Juan was so excited that I devoted my time to learning about and hearing his story of the empanada stop.

This article featured in the Democrat and Chronicle describes how Juan recently sent a shipment of Empanadas to the troops in Iraq. If you think about it, sending prepared Empanadas oversees is quite the task but Juan has once again pulled it off. He has done this before last year.

If your ever at the Rochester Public Market or in East Rochester, please stop by Juan and Maria’s Empanada Stop. You won’t regret it!

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to this website You Though We Wouldn’t

Basically, it’s an open on-line blog in which fellow designers, or design watchers, post when they find others stealing other peoples artwork/designs.

If you don’t know, stealing designs is a huge problem within the design industry and it amazes me not by how many people do it, but the types of people who do it. From what I see on here, companies seem to steal the most ideas AND MAKE A HUGE PROFIT OFF OF IT! (Sorry I get really worked up about this).

I’ve seen this plagiarism from other students in class throughout college. I’ve heard stories from professors who’ve been through similar situations. Yet most people still get away with it even if the work is patented and copyrighted.This is something I definitely want to look more into before I head out into the real world 6 months from now. I’ll update when I can find out more info.

Check out the site!