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The week before Thanksgiving I had the chance to visit Chicago with my friend Shawna for a couple of days. I have never been to Chicago but I’ve always wanted to due to its beautiful architecture. However, I will write more about my adventures in Chicago in a later post as I’m still putting together my photos.

As for now I would like to speak about an exhibit I saw at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. The Artist was Jenny Holzer, and I was absolutely blown away. It’s been awhile that I can say I absolutely became captivated by ones exhibit. I was initially drawn to these rooms by there glowing nature seen from the hall. When you enter, you become part of a persons thoughts. I felt as if I were inside the thoughts of an individual. Emotions swept through the room with the use of electronic ticker displays. At points there would be no moving text, and then BAM! text began to fill the room. You could feel the pressure of this individual. At points text would overlap each other, one line going faster than the other. The room got brighter, the text became harder to read. It’s as if the individual is panicking. You really never knew what to expect next.

The electronic displays were carefully thought out with its layout. They would protude through walls, reflect off the ceiling, they would even tunnel at some points making you want to crawl underĀ  to see even deeper thoughts. Unfortunately I was unable to take photos of the exhibit, the photos above show examples of what I saw in this exhibit. I wish I could have taken more photos but there were security guards at every turn. Either way, its something you have to experience for yourself, photos would not do justice to the exhibit.

After looking through a few books in the gallery about the artist I found out she is also well know for projecting text onto sides of buildings. I recommend you visit the links below to see her work. If you ever have a chance to see her exhibit, I’d highly recommend it!

Jenny Holzer

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