Moving Up(state)

September 4, 2008

I recently came across this article in New York Magazine and I found it to be quite interesting. At a time in my life where most of my colleagues are planning there move from Rochester to the big city for the big job, there is others who have discovered that the “dream life” can sometimes not be found in the big apple.

Although I was born in New York City, my parents quickly moved us out because of the dangerous environment we lived in (Spanish Harlem). We then moved to the small town of Chester, NY. It is a place where everyone knows each other by name. With that comes recognition. I was well known in that area for being the “designer” of my town. I contributed so much time to help my high school, my church, the library, and the town itself. I was often recognized for my work. I know that my career is in New York. But I knew I would miss the recognition I received.

However, it got to a point where I decided felt to claustrophobic by my little town. Sometimes that small town feel can cause a lot of drama. (Especially when I’m an obvious liberal and the rest of the town is VERY conservative).

I’m not gonna lie. I had no idea what Rochester, NY or Western New York was for most of my lifetime. But I decided to venture into this area when looking for a great design school. Sure it would have been easier for me to go to NYC as I live closer to it, but I was stuck between disliking the tiny town and scared of the chaotic city. Western New York is that sweet spot in between I discovered.I feel in love with this area when I began school here in Rochester.

I’ve grown atached to Rochester. But now, in a few months I’ll be on my own. I’ll need to find a job. After working the summer internship I really want to stay in a nice mid-size market that Rochester has. What I got from this article was that, maybe I should stick with my intuition, maybe I should not falter and go to where the jobs are. I feel more confortable here.

After all, shouldn’t I be enjoying my career. Not stressed out about it like I would be in New York?

Read the article, tell me what you think.